Stop Dog Slobber and Drool

Stop Dog Slobber and Drool

Sunday, September 1, 2013

How To Purchase Your Very Own Dog Slobber Stopper

You know you want to better manage your dogs slobber that is making a mess of your home and inside your car.

This is how to purchase the best dog slobber management tool in the World.

You can purchase a single product that lasts for years at only $49 with FREE shipping inside the USA.

But, you really need to have at least 3 close at hand.  So right now we are running a special offer at $99 for a 3 pack with FREE shipping inside the USA.

After you pick the package and price send us an email to:  and let us know.

We will email you a PAYPAL Invoice that has a 6 months money back guarantee.  So you get to safely make a purchase through PAYPAL and if you do not agree that it is the best dog slobber management tool in the World.  Just return it for a full refund.

Read all about the Dog Slobber Stopper before you request a PAYPAL invoice.

This month we have colors:  Brown,  Camouflage, Royal Blue.  What colors would you like?

Thank you for your attention.

Looking forward to helping you better manage your dog slobber messy problem.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

When You Need To Stop Your Dogs Slobber Mess Call Grandma.

The dog breeders argue that you should love your dogs slobber and drool.  But what about the dog OWNERS that love their dog and hate the dogs slobbering and drooling mess all over the home.

Why is it the dog breeders, (who sell dogs), want to enforce a mandate that you should love your dogs slobber mess because that is what your dog naturally does?  They say because it's a natural mess you just need to accept it, to even enjoy it.

Lets ask this dog loving Grandma who loves her Newfoundland dog and 
loves her grandkids but just cant take the mess anymore.

We designed the Dog Slobber Stopper to help the customers who have purchased these beautiful drooling dogs to live in their homes.   Yes, they knew these dogs were wet-mouth-breeds, but they purchased these dogs for their great personalities with kids, family and friends.  They did not buy their dog because they enjoy how much slobber mess the dog spread all over the home.

Mature adults know they sometimes have to deal with issues and make the adjustments necessary to fix a problem.  Like parents who choose to have children, but when these children are growing up and have issues that cause problems for the family, these issue have to be dealt with and fixed.

Grandma knows how to fix problems that come up with family, which includes the family dog.  Ignoring the problem does not make the problem go away.  Whether it's with a grandchild or a dog, it needs to be fixed. 

When you have an animal living inside your home that naturally makes a huge slobbery mess of your home.  This natural problem still needs to be fixed.  If your kids are making a mess of your home just ask Grandma to find a solution.  Same thing if you have a dog who is making a mess of your home.  To simply accept the problem because it stems from natural born personalities does not solve the problem.  To let your dog make a mess of your home because he is a natural slobbery dog is not an option for many people.  Even though it is a naturally messy problem, Grandma wont put up with it.  
If your dog wants to mark your furniture by lifting his leg and making a PEE mark, will you just be okay with this natural personality?  WELL GRANDMA WILL NOT PUT UP WITH PEEING ON THE FURNITURE.  NATURAL OR NOT.

When the grandkids are out of control and they are sent to Grandmas for the weekend.  Does Grandma just let the kids continue with their out of control natural personalities?  Of course not.  Grandma puts some rules in place and enforces those rules inside her home. Grandma does not say, well Tommy likes to hit his sister so that is just his natural personality, so we will just let it be.  NO WAY, Grandma puts Tommy into time-out and punishes Tommy until he learns how to live inside a home with the family and stop hitting his sister.

So why should people deal with dogs any other way?  Grandma has so much experience dealing with her family that Grandma enforces rules.  The dog needs to live under these same Grandma rules.

Grandma rules!  Because she rules with love for her grandkids and the dog.  The family house has rules and the grandkids, nor the dog, can make their own rules.  But the dog breeders and the dog people who have no kids of their own, just love to say that dog owners should love their dogs the way they are.  They say if the dog wants to shake his big head and fly his long slobbers all over the home you should just enjoy the mess.  It's the dogs personality, they say.  Really?

By Grandma rules, this makes no sense at all.  So the Dog Slobber Stopper was designed to enforce Grandma rules.  Dog breeders just want to sell dogs. Grandma wants to enforce a happy family living environment, along with the family dog.  

These people saying you should love your dogs natural slobbery personalities are not living by Grandmas rules.  The Dog Slobber Stopper was designed to enforce Grandmas rules.

What side of the debate do you stand on?

Love your dogs natural slobbery mess? Or want to find a solution to better manage your dogs natural slobber mess?

We choose to enforce Grandmas rules!  The Dog Slobber Stopper is the best dog slobber management tool in the World.  And their is no debate about this fact.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

All About The Dog Slobber Stopper.

This is a simple product you place under your dog's mouth that absorb's the dog slobber and drool before it gets all over your furniture, clothes, walls, friends, and inside your car windows and seats. 

Look, my family loves our slobbery dog breed, but we needed to find a slobber management solution to the big mess he makes inside our home and car.  

My kids were ignoring my beautiful dog because he was making a snotty mess of their school clothes in the morning.  

And our family friends refused to come over on the weekends for barbecues because of my dog sharing his slobber and drool all over their clothes.

I just had to find a solution to my dogs 
messy slobber problem. 

My dog is named “Moose” and we are best buddies, and I just could not stand the rejection he was experiencing. And I have talked to many other dog breed owners who experience the same problems that my family was going through.

I went looking for a solution and all I could find were dog bibs and towels.  Non of these solved my problem.  

So I invested my money into research and 
designs for about a year.  

And after more than 37 prototypes I have a working product that SOLVES my problem.  And it will solve your families dog slobber management problem too!

The utility Patent is now Pending.  And I want to share this problem solving product with your family and friends.  

My dog has been using his Dog Slobber Stopper daily for more than 6 months and we just LOVE-IT.  My dog is so much happier because he gets more attention and spends more quality time inside the home. And at family barbecues with friends while wearing his dog slobber stopper. 

The Dog Slobber Stopper has its own built in collar that snaps around your dogs neck.  Then the outer material is high quality athletic grade spandex.  The working part of the product is the bamboo and hemp fleece fabric that soaks up and holds the dogs mouth fluids.   

The bamboo fabric pulls the slobber away from the dogs mouth and the hemp fabric holds it for hours. 

We decided to use this fabric because of its absorbent effectiveness and its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  

Bacteria cannot grow on this fabric which keeps our dogs safe from any potential mouth infections.

We often say the Dog Slobber Stopper "STOPS" your dog from slobbering and drooling but it does no such thing.  It only appears that way when your dog is wearing it.  

Your dogs health requires him to drool and slobber and all our product does is catches the dog mouth fluids and safely absorbs them before it gets flung all over the home to make the big slobber mess, (you know what I'm referring to).  
And all the slobber fluid is safely absorbed and held inside the bamboo and hemp fleece fabric under the dog's chin until its time to remove it.

We know many dog loving families are looking for a better slobber management product than is on the market today.  

So this product is designed to solve the messy dog slobber problem. Love your dog and hate the snotty mess, then this product was designed for you.  

Click this link for buying information: Slobber Stopper

We have to ignore the dog critics who say; "Why buy a slobbery dog breed if you don't love the saliva mess".  Well some loving dog owners don't want their dog making a mess of their home and inside their car. 

If you are reading this you have experienced the long, hairy, snotty strings of saliva hanging from your wall. Dried up on your furniture or making a long L shape on your windows.  

You know how the snotty slobber makes a mess of your clothes.  We dog owners need to have at our disposal proper tools that help us live with our dogs and the characteristics they were born with. 

Humans make adjustments to assure our loved ones get along with our families.  Personally I don't like going over to a friends home where their dog has turned it into a dog-den. It's disgusting and dirty.

When you get your new dog slobber stopper you just click the dog collar around your dogs neck.  Then slide the snout loop up under your dogs chin and up over his snout.  That's it!  Then just let your dog live his life inside your home and automobile and let him be enjoyed by your family, without the slobbery mess.

The gooey slobber will be soaked up in the fleece material and held safely under his 
chin until its time to replace it.

Then you can just throw the wet slobber stopper in the washer and dryer with your other clothes.  We recommend that you have at least 3 dog slobber stoppers available so you always have a fresh product to put on your dog.

I can sell you one Dog Slobber Stopper for $49 but you should have at least 3 in your home to be most effective.  So today we have a best offer of a 3 PACK FOR $99 with free shipping and handling,(USA only).  

Then we finish it off with a 6 month return policy.  If you ever, for any reason, want to return your dog slobber stoppers you will get a full purchase refund, with no questions asked.

You have no risk  to try this slobber management product on your dog and we promise this is the best slobber management tool in the World. If we are wrong you get all your money returned.

We will email you a PAYPAL invoice with a 6 months money back return policy.

Click for ordering information

Our number 1 priority was making it safe for dogs!

Since we designed a product that is close to the dogs mouth we needed to find an absorbent material that was anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to prevent potential infections for the dog.

Our research found the most proven fabric was being used in human baby cloth diapers.  Bamboo and Hemp fleece fabric is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and very absorbent.  

The bamboo fabric pulls the saliva away from the dog’s mouth and the hemp fabric holds the dog mouth goo for hours at a time.  This material is the favorite fabric for loving Moms who make cloth diapers for their babies.  

This has been proven for human babies and our research proves this will also prevent bacteria from growing on the absorbent fabric around the dog’s mouth.  Bacteria cannot grow on the bamboo and hemp fleece fabric.  

So your dogs health is safe!

The outer material is athletic grade spandex that is light-weight and breathes, to keep the dog mouth from over heating.  And is very flexible so the dog can eat, drink, pant, bark, drool, bite, and do everything he can do when he is not wearing the Dog Slobber Stopper. (This is not a dog muzzle)

Stop your dog's drooling mess and be assured you have no risk because you can return them for a full refund.  What do you have to lose? . . . Except the mess your dogs slobber makes in your life.  Love your dog and stop the mess.

The user directions that will be included with your purchase suggests to use the dog slobber stopper for only 1 to 3 hours at a time based on your dogs slobber volume.  

You only put it on your dog when it's appropriate.

We have tested dogs who wore it for 12 hours and never, (NOT ONE), dog has been harmed in any way.  Read the Vets comments online who tell us how anti bacterial dog saliva is.  

When people ask if it's okay for their dog to lick a newborn babies mouth and the Vets say it will not hurt the baby.  Some Vets even talk about making dog saliva a medicine to stop infections.  

Dogs will lick their wounds to help with the healing process. So research shows dog saliva does not cause infection.  If a dog is very unhealthy from a bad diet, (and other factors). It could get a mouth infection but that can be caused from licking it's own anus or penis or from eating cat poop.(as we know they do).

Properly follow the user guidelines and remove your dog slobber stopper once it gets wet and gooey and then this is a very safe dog product.

Do not leave it on your dog all day, and do not put it on your dog when he is outside on a very hot day.  Do not leave it on your dog while he is eating.  

And if you do, quickly remove it and throw it in the washer machine.  As the rotting food particles can be kept close to the dogs mouth which is not recommended. 

We read about the big slobbery dog breeds who get left at dog rescues because the family can't handle the mess.  This is a tragedy and we donate dog slobber stoppers to dog rescues and humane societies so these dogs are more likely to get adopted by loving families. Because they have an effective slobber management tool.

If you love your dogs slobbery mess all over your home this product was not made for you. 

Some dog owners advertise that a dogs slobber and drool is his art work! . . .Really?    This product was not designed for these dog owners.

This dog slobber management tool is not for every dog owner.  But it was designed for you and your family if the gooey mess is a problem for your family and friends.

This is the best dog slobber management tool in the World and we guarantee it!

Send us an email to and we will send you a PAYPAL invoice with a 6 months money back guarantee.

Thank you for your attention.

Dog Slobber Stopper

You Tube video: How to stop and mange your dogs slobber and drooling mess.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dog Slobber Stopper Manufactured In AMERICA

The Dog Slobber Stopper is professionally manufactured in IDAHO-AMERICA.

Our Corporation decided to manufacture in Idaho because of the quality workforce that loves dog's and care deeply about making a quality product.  They even have dogs running around the Idaho factory.  We looked at manufacturing in China, but saving money was not our most important desire. We care more about making the best, custom hand made product for the dog's we love so much.  So we chose to hire American workers who own dog's and care deeply about making the best slobber management product the World has ever seen.

This is not another ME-TOO dog product made in China.  This is a custom dog product that was created out of love for our dog's and needs that magic touch that only American workers can deliver.  This is a quality hand-made product that delivers on our promise to be the best dog slobber management product ever made.

This dog product is priced to deliver value to dog loving families who desire a better slobber management tool for their family and friends.  This product is priced because of the big problem it solves and not what it costs to manufacture.

We love our slobbering dogs and we created a quality product made in America that solves a big problem.  This was not designed for dog owners who love the dog drooling mess all over the home and automobile.  This was created by a loving dog family for dog loving families who want the best slobber management product ever made.

We guarantee you will love this dog slobber management tool. This product is created by a Corporation with attorneys, investors and pet product liability insurance.  No way we could sell this pet product if it hurts dogs.  
See the youtube video: How the dog slobber stopper is made in America.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

30 Year Dog Business Operator Reviews Dog Slobber Stopper On Video

The word is getting out and the number of happy dog owners using THE BEST DOG SLOBBER MANAGEMENT TOOL IN THE WORLD is growing.  Here is a professional doing an honest evaluation of the Dog Slobber Stopper.  (Watch the 3 minute video)

(Audio transcription)

"I think of the Slobber Stopper, I guess as a pet professional, something to keep the owners, people that are visiting the owners, from being negative towards the dog.  Because its slobbering or getting slobber on their shoes or clothes.  It's making company inside peoples homes uncomfortable because the dog drools but that also makes the dog feel bad if they get negative vibrations from people, I guess is the easiest way to say it.  And if a dog gets negative then they act negative and that gives them higher anxiety. Which also makes the dog drool more.  So if they are getting positive reactions from company and strangers, the dog is more positive and he drools less.  

At least it,(dog slobber stopper), catches it.  You take it off, you wash it, put another one on.  And basically if you read the instructions on how to use it correctly there should not be any problems.  There is no way it will make the dog overheat, its not in any spot where its going to make the dog warn.  It doesn't inhibit the dog from breathing or opening their mouth or anything.  

(So the dog is not going to overheat when he is wearing it?)  Nope, he is still breathing and everything is normal.  It's not pressing, there is no compression, its not like a tight muzzle, their is no compression   It's just like a second skin only it has absorbent qualities where skin does not absorb. 

(Is it a muzzle?) No it's not a muzzle and when people who might be concerned, for one thing you can see inside the mouth.  I can put my hand inside the dog's mouth.  Yep I think they can eat just fine if you want to give them a treat  at a picnic.  Where he will only have it on for a short time, like a couple hours, if somebody feels the need to feed him something he will be able to eat it. 

Doesn't seem to bother him at all. All you have to do is see one to realize what it does.  You could have called it the slobber catcher because it basically just catches it. Come here Moose lets put this on. (Hook the collar around the neck first. Then just pull the snout loop under the chin and up over his snout).  I think the slobber stopper works very well."

Here you have it.  If you love your dogs slobber mess all over the house then this product was not built for you. If you want the best dog slobber management tool in the World.  This works great and was designed for you, your friends, and family.

Watch You Tube video: Dog slobber stopper interview by a professional dog breeder.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stop Dog Slobber and drool inside car from a Dog Expert

Here is an email from a customer who has a message for dog owners.

(email copied)

Donk is an 80 lb American Bulldog. He has serious jowls, which usually are dangling drool icicles. His muzzle is short and narrow compared to the width of his blocky head.

I was considering making something for him to wear around his muzzle to manage his constant drooling, when I found your product on Google. You may want to explore those services that help you clean up the initial info about your business/product that pops up online. I came across a few rants from folks criticizing your product as "inhumane". They seem misguided and overly dramatic. I'm doing muzzle work for 3 big dogs that don't get along/aren't safe together (thus the last 2 pics with the too-big-muzzle). With research and supervision, our dogs can wear devices like this safely. As long as we are actively responsible for their safety and comfort, it can only help owners have a more fulfilling relationship with their dogs. If a Slobber Stopper or basket muzzle or whatever helps people 1) keep their dogs and 2) keep them in the home as a member of the family, the dogs only stand to benefit. And I think it's to your credit that you are seeking feedback and continually working to improve your product. Don't let the haters derail your work. If your product works, people will want it. And you can continue to educate your consumers about safe & proper usage, and the community about how dogs benefit when people don't dump them due to stupid inconveniences that can be managed.

This Dog Slobber Stopper Customer was sent her first product for FREE because we were asking for Dog professionals to evaluate our new product and give feedback to its safety and how we can improve it.  She then went on to make a PURCHASE in our AMAZON store.  I even offered to send her more free slobber stoppers, but she appreciated the design of the product she wanted to pay for it.

The point of this is to show that when logical people who love dogs evaluate this dog product for themselves they are happy.  If you love your dogs slobbery mess all over your home then don't buy this dog product.  If you want the Best Dog Slobber Management Tool In The World, this was designed for you.

How to stop dog slobbering and drooling video review

                                          DONK The 80lb American Bulldog Going For A Car Ride.

You Tube Video: Dog Slobber Stopper car ride:

Monday, December 31, 2012

How To Use The Dog Slobber Stopper

Dog Slobber Stopper

Welcome to the best dog slobber management product on the market today.  The Dog Slobber Stopper Company is dedicated to one goal.  Providing the best tool to people, for managing the mess inside the home and inside the automobile from the dog’s slobber and drool.   Stop dog slobber and drool video review

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Design For The Dog Slobber Stopper.

The Dog Slobber Stopper Company has been sending FREE samples out to professionals in the dog community.  The feedback has been positive and informative.  Our design team is working daily to update and improve this dog slobber management tool.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

YouTube Shows The World How To Stop Dog Slobber and Drool.

Here is a funny reality animation cartoon that was recorded in Idaho. Created in Greece, processed on International and distributed on YouTube worldwide.  So all the dog owners who have a  wet mouth breed dog that makes a mess of their home and inside their car have a solution to their problem.  And prevents their friends from coming over to visit for fear of getting gross saliva and slobbers all over their clothes. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dog Slobber Stopper Patent Pending Begins.

After 27 different prototypes the Patent is Pending for the Dog Slobber Stopper.  The new website will be live any day now at    And the YouTube animation cartoon is live at Dog Slobber Stopper Cartoon.